Saturday, July 21, 2007

Following the tragic death of Ramis' rear wheel, we had a tough few weeks.
With the help of the following our trip regained its momentum and Ramis' faith in his bicycles returned.

Ehud Dahari
Even when we woke him up on a Saturday morning, we were answered with a smile and reliable technical information.
Since we met him, 8 month ago, when he gave us a free, 2-3 full day, condensed bicycle mechanic course, he helped us in many occasions. He's a fantastic mechanic, cares about your bike (even the crappiest city bike) and your money, and is the exact opposite of the typical arrogant bike mechanics at the big shops (that are good in selling, but not in fixing!!!).
So, I presume that the best way I can thank him is by truly recommending his small bike shop at:
אהוד דהרי
הדר יוסף 12, תל-אביב

Erez Mannor
Ronen Fraiberg from No-Flats has introduced us to Erez, 4 days before we left. He said we should have a word with him, he has cycled a bit around the world.
Turns out Erez cycled Europe a few times, Africa all around, North, Central & South America, Canada & Alaska for about 7 years, during the late 70's & early 80's, the days when VOIP (Internet) and quick couriers were not around!
Israel is not a Cycle-touring country, and Cycle-touring is NOT similar to other cycling.
And Erez has that experience and knows of the tough times we and other cyclists go through. Thanks for the caring and sharing your experience.

P.S. - Erez owns the Bike shop at Beeri. 08-9949519.

Andres Goldman, Rosen & Meents
As Rami's parents wrote, Andres, of of Rosen & Meents in Raanana, put a big effort that the 'super strong wheels' will be made as quick as possible, so the package will arrive to west China before we'd be thrown out of the country.

Yossi Mossel
Thanks for the spare parts for our Panniers, out of your panniers.
Does that mean you're postponing your cycle-tour till we return you the parts?
Always fun to hear your grumpy tone, every time we have these weird requests (like bringing 2 Bob-Trailers, 13k"g huge box from the USA). It assures us that our request will be filled.

冯 蕙 - Viki, ZhangXiaoyan
Thanks for the hep on the Chinese side of the package.
We needed an address in Urumqi, and things are sometimes extremely difficult for foreigners in China. You 2 did all the hard work for us and also the easy stuff.
We'll always remember the Chinese hospitality and will try to follow your ways.

thanks for the
Forsyth book. We know you've been holding on it since you bought it in your India trip, 15 years ago. You know it will be given away when we finish it (maybe some traveler will take it to India;-).

Rachel & Ralph Rosenbaum
The one person managing the Israeli side of the operation was Rachel & Ralph Rosenbaum.
Just think of the headache they had in collecting all the stuff we needed (wheels, special break pads, Russian and Central Asia phrase-books, Central Asia travel-book, a small diary and more). Add to that the pressure of knowing (almost) nothing about bike stuff. Add to that the tight schedule. Add to that the very expensive price of the package...
But, as usual, the skype calls in the middle of the night and all the of the above, didn't prevent the job being done in the best way.